Do you know what’s in the air in your Orange Park, FL, home? If you’re not aware of the dangers that can exist indoors, it’s time you learned what contaminants could be affecting you and your family. Dust, pet dander, microbes, carbon monoxide, secondhand smoke, and radon gas are among the particles found in homes with poor air quality. Find out how you can protect your indoor air quality and keep your loved ones healthy.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of the air inside a building and how it affects the comfort and health of its occupants. The air that you breathe inside your home can negatively impact your health — even more than outdoor air.

Measuring Indoor Air Quality

Simple and inexpensive devices can point to problems with your indoor air quality. Carbon monoxide detectors are widely available in the marketplace and are a must-have for every home — particularly those with fuel-burning equipment. The American Lung Association reports that 50% of Americans regularly contend with poor indoor quality air.

Should I Be Concerned About Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Poor air quality can cause many short-term health problems. In the long run, the consequences can even be life-threatening. Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants poses a threat to adults and children. Some persons develop respiratory problems, and prolonged exposure can even lead to heart failure and cancer. Controlling the level of allergens and pollutants inside a home helps you reduce the risks of illness and diseases.

Knowing what’s in your indoor air helps you to protect your family’s health. Your team at Cool Connections, Inc. will help you to choose the right air cleaning system for your home. Call us today at 904-685-1582 for more information about air filters, air purifiers, and other IAQ systems. We are your indoor air quality experts in the Orange Park, FL, area.

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