Why Is My Smart Thermostat Screen Blank in St. Johns, FL

A blank thermostat screen doesn’t necessarily mean something is seriously wrong with your HVAC system. Most of the time, this issue can be quickly fixed before you experience any changes in your indoor comfort. Here are the most common reasons behind your smart thermostat screen going blank in St. Johns, FL.

Dead Batteries

Thermostats that don’t have a common wire won’t be able to draw their power from your electrical system. Instead, they require alkaline or lithium batteries that frequently need replacing. The best way to catch this before the device completely dies is to watch for the blinking low battery indicator on the display.

Loose Wiring

Occasionally, your thermostat’s wiring may become loose or damaged due to rodents, old age or moisture issues. Rather than try to reconnect them yourself and risk shocking or electrocution, call for professional HVAC maintenance. Regular service is the ideal way to keep your thermostat in peak condition for as long as possible.

Tripped Safety Switch

Residential furnaces come with a safety feature called a high-limit switch that will activate if the system begins to overheat. When the switch flips, it cuts off all power to the furnace, which in turn leads to a blank thermostat screen. The issue may be as small as a malfunctioning condensate pan or as large as a compromised heat exchanger.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Many modern thermostats draw their power directly from your home’s electricity supply. When the room’s circuit trips, it will turn off all your electronics as well as your thermostat. Resetting your circuit breaker should bring your thermostat back online.

A blank smart thermostat screen could point to a tripped circuit breaker or safety switch. It may also mean its internal batteries are dead or that there’s an issue with its wiring. Call Cool Connections, Inc. to schedule a premium HVAC service appointment in St. Johns, FL.

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