A leak caused by an air conditioning system can result in water damage. If you’re trying to stop a leak in your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, home, first turn your air conditioner off. You can pinpoint the source of a leak in your AC unit using the strategies in this guide.

Most Common Reasons for AC Leaks

When you discover water on the floor near your air conditioner, trace the trail back to the unit. In most cases, a water trail will lead you to a:

  • Clogged drain line.
  • Disconnected drain line.
  • Clogged drain pan.
  • Defective pump.
  • Frozen evaporator coil.

Understanding Drain Line Leaks

During every cooling cycle, an air conditioning system makes spaces colder by removing water vapor from the environment. If an AC system is operating properly, the evaporator coil will successfully manage the vapor from the air. However, if a drain has a clog, the vapor will have nowhere to go, so water will start to leak inside a house.

Some leaks occur if an air conditioner was set up poorly with many loose connections. You may not discover a leak caused by a weak connection until after strong vibrations from the air conditioner knock the drain line out of place.

Drain Pan Rust Damage

Your air conditioner has a pump that pushes water into a drain pan. Over time, the surfaces on the drain pan will begin to rust. If the rusting is severe, cracks and holes will develop inside the pan and water will seep through the openings.

If you need help for an air conditioner that won’t stop leaking, contact Cool Connections, Inc., to schedule an appointment for AC repairs. Our NATE-certified service technicians are available 24/7.

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