Ductless air conditioners are similar to zoned central AC systems, but they’re more efficient. Determining whether your Jacksonville, FL, home is better suited to a single- or multi-zone ductless HVAC system depends on several factors. Read on to learn more about ductless HVAC systems and which type will fit your house best.

What’s Zoned Heating and Cooling?

Zoned heating and cooling involves separating indoor temperatures in two or more areas. As a result, it allows you to maximize comfort and energy savings. Each zone has a targeted space programmed by a remote control that allows greater cooling when needed. Zoned systems are ideal for homes with varying temperature needs.

Single-Zone Ductless HVAC Applications

Single-zone ductless systems are one-on-one applications. That means these systems cool a single room via one indoor unit and an outdoor compressor. Choose a single-zone unit if your home has the following factors:

  • Room additions.
  • Converting an area of your home into a new function.
  • Remodeling a home.
  • Upgrading or replacing part of your old HVAC system.

Multi-Zone Ductless HVAC Applications

Multi-zone mini-split systems can cool several areas in your home with multiple indoor units attached to a single outdoor compressor. As a result, you can program the temperature in each area independently. Choose a multi-zone system if your home has these characteristics:

  • You have two or more floors.
  • Ducted system cannot accommodate several rooms.
  • Home is older and installing new ductwork isn’t an option.
  • Central air conditioner is causing inconsistencies in several areas.

Cool Connections, Inc. can provide your home with a quality ductless HVAC system. To learn more about installation and other our HVAC services we provide, contact us today for an appointment. We will be happy to meet your needs and make sure you’re maximizing comfort and energy savings.

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