Installing an air conditioner that’s too powerful for your Middleburg, Florida, home might seem impossible. However, the truth is that an oversized air conditioner can lead to a multitude of problems. Air conditioners that are too big experience greater wear and tear, adversely affect comfort levels, cost more and are noisier than correctly sized units. Read on to learn more about the problems an oversized AC system causes.

Wear and Tear

An oversized air conditioner starts and stops more often than a correctly sized unit. Units that are too big simply don’t have to run very long to meet the settings on your thermostat. They’ll run for a little while, shut off, then restart again a few minutes later. This constant starting and stopping wears out HVAC equipment. As a result, it leads to frequent breakdowns, expensive repair bills and a shorter lifespan.


Air conditioners perform two tasks: They cool your home and remove moisture. In order to effectively remove the moisture from the air in your home, your HVAC unit must run for an adequate amount of time. When a unit is oversized, it’ll satisfy cooling requirements so quickly that the system doesn’t have enough time to adequately dehumidify the air. As a result, your house will feel sticky, stuffy and uncomfortable.


An oversized AC system will cost you in more ways than one. Due to the frequent starts and stops, an oversized air conditioner is less efficient and drives up your utility bills. Thanks to the wear and tear it experiences, the unit is more likely to break down and require expensive repairs. You’ll also spend more with installation than you would a smaller, more appropriately sized unit.


HVAC units installed and sized correctly run quietly. Conversely, oversized units are often much louder than what you would expect. Noise issues are most obvious in smaller spaces, such as condos or apartments, but can affect larger homes as well.

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