5 Reasons Furnace Maintenance Matters in Your St. Johns, FL, Home

A properly working furnace is essential for a cozy and comfortable home. You may wonder whether maintaining your furnace is necessary if it’s not broken. The following are reasons furnace maintenance matters to keep your St. Johns, FL, home heated.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

During seasonal maintenance, service technicians make minor adjustments, inspections and tests that keep your furnace running effectively for a longer period. Through testing the starting capabilities, lubricating moving parts and cleaning the condensate drain of a furnace, a professional will help you reduce deterioration. This seasonal maintenance reduces the wear and tear of your furnace parts, extending their service life.

Fewer Repairs

You don’t need your furnace to fail for you to call a service technician. Seasonal maintenance is an opportunity to thoroughly inspect the furnace and discover unseen problems resulting in breakdowns. The assessment, lubrication and cleaning keep your furnace performing optimally.

With seasonal maintenance, you’ll experience fewer repair needs during operation. You’ll have few worries about your furnace breaking down when you need it the most.

Improved Safety

When using gas- or oil-fueled furnaces, a little crack in the system may lead to leakages of gas and carbon monoxide into your home. Such leaks lead to many health complications and even fatalities. During furnace maintenance, a service technician reviews all the safety features and any possible problems.

Lower Energy Bills

Seasonal maintenance ensures that your furnace runs efficiently throughout the cold season. Maintenance keeps every part of the furnace performing optimally to reduce strain and lower your utility bills. During maintenance, a service technician tightens electrical connections, measures airflow and inspects the gas pressure.

Additionally, service technicians can inspect and adjust the blower components as well as inspect the condenser and evaporator coil. When everything works correctly at full capacity, you’re not only more comfortable but also get to lower your energy bill.

Improved Comfort

The last thing you want is to wake up at midnight in the cold due to a broken furnace. You need to maintain your furnace to prevent such a breakdown from happening, especially if you have children at home. If you regularly maintain the furnace, you’ll benefit from improved comfort for you and your family.

Call the HVAC experts at Cool Connections, Inc. for help with everything you need from heating installation services to air duct cleaning. Our team will help keep your home warm and safe.

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