Injection Foam vs. Spray Foam Insulation in Jacksonville, FL

Many homeowners in Jacksonville, FL, want to lower their energy bills. An effective way to do this is through energy-efficient home improvements such as an insulation installation. Learn the differences between injection foam and spray foam insulation to know which is suitable for your house.

The Difference is Where the Materials Are Installed

The most significant difference between the two insulating materials is how they’re installed. They both do a fantastic job creating an impenetrable air seal, making your home incredibly energy-efficient and increasing comfort levels. Yet, these materials work better in different areas of the house.

Injection Foam Installation in Existing Walls

If your home’s exterior walls feel hot or cold to the touch during extreme temperatures, they’re probably not insulated well. Injecting foam installation into the walls can fix this problem without creating a mess. The insulation is injected into the walls from the outside, so drywall doesn’t have to get torn out.

The installer will remove a piece of the siding to begin the process and drill a hole into the stud cavity. As the foam’s injected, it fills the cavities between the studs. After the injection, the holes get filled, and the siding is replaced.

Spray Foam Installation Works Best in Open Spaces

Open spaces in your home include areas like the attic or the crawl space. Before applying the spray foam, the installers remove any existing insulation in the attic or crawl space. Once the spray foam is applied, it adheres to the surface.

Aside from how and where spray foam’s applied, its stickiness separates it from injection foam. Also, it takes longer to apply spray foam because more prep work needs to be done, such as moving furniture and covering surfaces with plastic.

Since 2009, we’ve helped more people improve their homes’ energy efficiency by recommending the best products and services. We offer high-quality heating cooling, and insulation services, so call Cool Connections, Inc. today to learn more about your options.

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