How to Manage Your Home’s Humidity in Jacksonville, FL

Humidity plays a significant role in determining a home’s comfort and efficiency. For example, excess moisture in your home causes various health issues, affects your HVAC system’s efficiency and damages your house. Read on to know some effective techniques to manage the humidity levels in your Jacksonville, FL, home.

Use Your Air Conditioner Wisely

The moisture levels in your house are likely to be high when the weather is warm or hot outside. Turning your air conditioner on in such a situation can control the indoor humidity. This system reduces the heat in the air, which in turn eliminates excess moisture. To ensure your AC system works effectively, have it maintained at least once per year.

Improve Ventilation

Various ventilation systems, such as stove, dryer and bathroom exhaust vents, extract moisture from the house when cooking, cleaning or showering. Therefore, ensure that they function properly and have a connection to the house’s exterior.

Additionally, shut the doors and windows when the humidity outside is very high. Alternatively, you can turn on the mechanical ventilation from the HVAC system to ensure that air circulates freely in your house.

Install a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier stabilizes the humidity levels in a home by cooling the indoor air, condensing the water in the atmosphere and re-heating the dry air. You can purchase a portable system if the humidity problem is in specific spots in the home. The dehumidifiers that we offer can improve indoor air quality and solve the humidity issues in your house.

Upgrade Your AC System

A high-efficiency AC system can also stabilize the humidity levels in your home. It achieves this goal by eliminating the moisture in your house during warm days without over-cooling.

Solving humidity issues in your house prevents health problems and protects your home from structural issues. Our experts are ready to assist you to solve this problem and live comfortably in your house. Call Cool Connections, Inc. today for top-notch dehumidifier and AC installation services.

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