Researchers have linked poor indoor air quality to several adverse human health effects in both children and pets. Indoor air particles, such as dust, cigarette smoke and volatile organic compounds, could make your kid and pets suffer. These air pollutants in your Fleming Island, FL, home can cause respiratory distress, neurological issues and cancer:

Respiratory Irritation

Studies show that pets exposed to cigarette smoke often have reduced lung function and breathing complications. Children are also sensitive to tobacco smoke and may experience respiratory distress, such as asthma, coughing and wheezing, after inhaling indoor cigarette smoke. Using an air purifier can help reduce the concentration of these particles, circulate clean air and minimize further respiratory irritation. As a result, you can maintain healthy IAQ.

Neurological Impacts

Air pollutants can have serious neurological effects on both humans and pets. Pets’ brains are susceptible to inflammation and amyloid plaques from toxic air contaminants. Studies show that childhood exposure to poor indoor air quality can cause behavioral issues, worsened performance in school and reduced cognitive function.


Studies show that bad indoor air quality can cause certain cancers in pets, such as lymphoma and mesothelioma. Similarly, children are at risk for respiratory and cardiovascular cancers from inhaling air pollutants. A whole-house air filtration system can draw out stale air from your home and bring in fresh, clean air. As a result, it can cut the amount of harmful, carcinogenic particles in the air inside your house.

Your kids and pets can suffer from respiratory symptoms, neurological issues and cancer from breathing in toxic air pollutants that accumulate inside your home. If your indoor air concerns you, reach out to the trained team at Cool Connections, Inc. to learn more about how you can improve the indoor air quality in your Fleming Island, FL, house.

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