Comparing Ductless Air Conditioning and Ducted Systems

During this hot Jacksonville, Florida, summer, you may be considering an air conditioner upgrade. You are accustomed to traditional central air conditioning units, but do you know how a ductless air conditioner works? We’ll compare ductless air conditioning and ducted systems as you consider your new installation.

Heat Transfer

As the heat bears down in Jacksonville, we know you appreciate the cool air coming through the vents. Air conditioners and heat pumps send the hot air in your home outdoors via the cooling coils. The refrigerant in the evaporator coils extracts the heat as the air passes over. The heated refrigerant then releases the heat outdoors and returns cool air. Your ductless unit transfers heat in the same way.

Indoor and Outdoor Components

Both central and ductless air conditioners accomplish heat transfer by dividing the work between the inside air handler and the outside compressor unit. There is no visible indoor component with traditional air conditioning systems. The air handler is often tucked away in an area that looks like a closet. On the other hand, a ductless air conditioner consists of an indoor unit that connects to the outdoor compressor via a narrow tube. You will generally see the indoor component mounted on an interior wall near the ceiling.

Independent Temperature Control

Central air conditioners move air to rooms through a series of ducts installed behind the walls near the floor or close to the ceiling. The ducts carry air to various rooms throughout the house via registers or grilles. The result is the same thermostat setting for each area regardless of specific cooling needs. You can install a ductless air conditioner in more than one room, and the system will deliver cool air directly to each area. This setup offers more control. Each ductless unit comes with a thermostat for easy temperature management.

A ductless air conditioner may be an ideal choice for you. These units are perfect if you are expanding your home and want to avoid the expense and inconvenience of adding ductwork. Contact Cool Connections, Inc. at 904-685-1582 to discuss the best option for cooling your home.

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