Air conditioners use varied methods to communicate their ill-health problems. They can make noise, emit awful smells or even go mute. If you hear these AC noises in your your Jacksonville, FL, home, your system is crying for help:

Grinding Noises

Metal-on-metal grinding AC noises results from loose belts or faulty compressors. If the noises come from the compressor, it means it has worn out and requires replacing. It’s best to leave task to a trained professional. If the noise comes from the blower fan belts, it means they’re loose and you need them tightened.

Whistling Noises

Another way your air conditioning system will cry for help is by making whistling noises. Your AC system whistles when the refrigerant leaks or refrigerant gas enters the expansion valve. The noise may also result from leaking internal valves.

Each of these problems can lead your air conditioner to its untimely failure. Therefore, you should schedule prompt air AC repairs when you hear them. Professional preventative maintenance services and regular inspections could prevent your AC system from experiencing such problems.

Buzzing Noises

When your AC system can no longer stand up to the extreme pressure from damaged components, it could also produce buzzing noises. Buzzing could result from multiple issues, including faulty circuit breakers, a damaged condenser fan motor or a faulty contactor relay switch. Buzzing AC noises indicate a problem with your air conditioner’s electrical system. These noises need instant attention, as leaving them longer could result more damage or even fires.

If your air conditioner makes these noises, you should call our team at Cool Connections, Inc. for quick AC inspections and repairs. We pride ourselves on quality service and promptness in meeting clients’ needs. Let our team handle your AC problem and restore your indoor comfort.

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