Your air conditioner keeps your Jacksonville, Florida, home cool and comfortable all summer long. However, if your AC isn’t working properly, it can get hot. This creates a fire hazard that could put your home and family at risk. The following are a few reasons your air conditioner might overheat.

A Dirty Air Filter

Air filters remove particles like dust from the indoor air. Over time, the accumulation of contaminants will clog the air filter. A blocked filter causes strain on your air conditioner and forces it to work harder, which can lead to the motor overheating.

Dirty Fan Blades

Like your air filters, the fan blades inside your air conditioning unit can collect dirt. While this might not seem like a big deal, it puts a lot of pressure on the blades. The motor will have to work harder to keep the blades spinning, and this puts it at risk for overheating.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are housed in the outdoor component of your air conditioning system. As a result, dust, dirt, grass, and other material settle on the coils. Therefore, without regular cleaning, the buildup of debris can affect the unit’s performance and cause it to overheat.

Damaged Components

Over time, parts and connections within your air conditioner can start to fail. Wear and tear from the frequent operation will take a toll on various components and cause cracks and other damage. As you continue to use the system, the demand on the weakened parts, loss of lubrication, or faulty electrical connections can cause overheating. Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid these problems.

Keep in mind that you should never try to diagnose or fix these problems on your own. It’s not safe, and you could cause further damage to your HVAC system. Instead, give Cool Connections, Inc. a call. We offer comprehensive air conditioning repair and installation services. Our effective maintenance service helps to ward off problems that could cause your air conditioner to overheat. Contact us today at 904-685-1582 to schedule your appointment.

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